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The Conner Longrifles
 The Conner Longrifles Club is a "traditional" club depicting the personnel and surroundings that were the norm in central Indiana in the years prior to 1855. The primary purpose of the Club will act to further the sport of shooting muzzle loading weapons and to specifically develop costumes, weapons and accouterments which authentically represent the  period in central Indiana.


Click here to see our results of the Spring National Shoot, 2009


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The Conner Longrifles Shooting Range


The Conner  Longrifles at a monthly 
Our club tries to portray this "common man and woman" in their 1800 Indiana surroundings to the best of our ability. At times we become historians, researching costumes, guns and such menial things as eating utensils. Other times will find members totally involved in construction projects, since we endeavor to recreate history as accurately as possible, most of our costumes, rifles and accessories are hand made by the members out of necessity. You will also find us once each month as we gather for a friendly shoot on our range. 
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